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With the amount of information available on the web, finding what you need would be nearly impossible without some help sorting through it. Google ranking systems are designed to do just that: sort through hundreds of billions of webpages in our Search index to find the most relevant, useful results in a fraction of a second, and present them in a way that helps you find what you’re looking for.

These ranking systems are made up of not one, but a whole series of algorithms. To give you the most useful information, Search algorithms look at many factors, including the words of your query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources, and your location and settings. The weight applied to each factor varies depending on the nature of your query—for example, the freshness of the content plays a bigger role in answering queries about current news topics than it does about dictionary definitions.

Web search for a planet: The Google cluster architecture
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Our focus on price/performance favors servers that resemble mid-range desktop PCs in terms of their components, except for the choice of large disk 24 GOOGLE SEARCH ARCHITECTURE IEEE MICRO Some early 26 GOOGLE SEARCH ARCHITECTURE IEEE MICRO

What drives job search Evidence from Google search data
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The large-scale unemployment caused by the Great Recession has necessitated unprecedented increases in the duration of unemployment insurance (UI). While it is clear that the weekly payments are beneficial to recipients, workers receiving benefits have less

Speed matters for Google web search
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Byte. Server processing commences upon receipt of the HTTP GET. Google search leverages HTTP chunking, which means the page header can be transmitted (and perhaps rendered) even before the results are ready. The

Search beyond google
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Page 1. Return to article Search Beyond Google Google reigns supreme as the search engine of choice but for how long A pack of startups and Microsoft are developing technologies to find what you want, faster. By Wade Roush March 2004

Esse est indicato in Google: Ethical and political issues in search engines
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In a typical Google search on the word Jew, several of the first ten sites that come up are virulently antiSemitic, including Jew Watch and The International Jew: The Worlds Foremost Problem. Comparable searches on Christian or Muslim or Hindu do not yield

Twitter feeds and Google search query surveillance: can they supplement survey data collection
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With networks like Twitter allowing for mass-scale sharing of thoughts, opinions, and behaviors by people worldwide, there is an opportunity to harvest these data to provide insights where survey data have traditionally been employed. Similarly, trends in Internet

Google Search , Information Uncertainty, and Post-Earnings Announcement Drift.
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Financial market investors use Internet searches for information acquisition about corporate announcements. This study examines the relation between Internet search volume for firm earnings information and post-earnings announcement drift (PEAD). Our first finding is that

A comparative study of google and bing search engines in context of precision and relative recall parameter
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Precision of Google for Simple One-word Queries: Table 1 Showed that 39% of sites retrieved by Google search were less relevant followed by Irrelevant (34.2%) and more relevant sites (15.6%) The overall precision of the Google search was 0.76

Search engine optimization with Google
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Page 1. Search engine optimization with Google Abstract Search engine optimization is a strategical technique to take a web document in top search results of a search engine

Proposed remedies for search bias: Search neutrality and other proposals in the Google inquiry
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At the heart of this scrutiny is Googles competitors claim of search bias that Google manipulates Google Search results to penalize competitors or to privilege other Google interface decisions regarding Google Search , reverse long-sstanding fair use principles

Popularity of Di# erent Coleopteran Groups Assessed by Google Search Volume in Japanese Culture Extraordinary Attention of the Japanese to Hotaru
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I investigated the popularity of di# erent coleopteran groups (132 families, 2 subfamilies and 1 common group) in Japanese culture, as a part of a study on cultural entomology. Popularity was assessed by the Google search volume for Japanese coleopteran group

Assessing the dynamics of search results in Google
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Page 1. Assessing the Dynamics of Search Results in Google Bing Pana hk Abstract Search engine marketing requires a substantive understanding of the dynamics of the search system in the travel information search context. The

Search Indices and Issue Salience: the properties of Google Trends as a measure of Issue Salience
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9 Page 10. longest permitted by the available Google search data but still manages to cover a period where On Tuesdays list of hottest Google search terms, General McChrystal [who was fired for insubordination by President Obama] beat out Jake Vienna break up

Forecasting existing home sales using Google search engine queries
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This paper employs OLS regressions to determine whether Google search query data improves national and local existing home sales forecasts. The local dataset features metropolitan statistical area data from Texas. Initially, the national and local regressions are

The Google Book Search Project: is online indexing a fair use under copyright law
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Googles Book Search Project. In December of 2004, Google announced a partnership with several major libraries to make digital copies of their collections and permit the text of the literature to be searched online by the Google search engine.3 Page 2. CRS-2

Automatic construction of domain ontology using wikipedia and enhancing it by google search engine
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Abstract Information and resources available on the Web are growing increasingly and web users need to have a common understanding of them. The Semantic Web whose most important role is to help machine to understand and analyze the existing data on the Web

The effects of racial animus on a black presidential candidate: Using google search data to uncover what traditional surveys miss
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How can we know how much racial animus costs black candidates if few voters will admit such socially unacceptable attitudes to surveys I use a new, non-survey proxy for an areas racial animus: its Google searches that include racially charged language. I compare the

Statistical analysis of search engines (Google, Yahoo and Altavista) for their search result
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For that we apply Analysis of variance test and F test. Table II shows mean of grade through method 1( Google search engine), method2(Yahoo search engine) and µ1=µ2=µ3 where, µ1= sample mean corresponding to Google search engine

An Exploration of Multimedia Multitasking: How Television Advertising Impacts Google Search
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A 2010 study conducted by Nielson on behalf of Yahoo reveals that three out of every four Americans use television and internet simultaneously, up nearly 20 percent year-to-year. Yahoo concludes that this disproves the myth that traditional media is dead, instead

Conducting better research: Google scholar and the future of search technology
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Note also that none of the tens of thousands of newspaper articles or Web sites about companies that have changed their names come up, nor do Web sites for consulting firms that specialize in name changes, as they would if you conducted a standard Google search