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An algorithm is a well-defined procedure that allows a computer to solve a problem. A particular problem can typically be solved by more than one algorithm. Optimization is the process of finding the most efficient algorithm for a given task.

Decentralized Algorithm for Self-Stabilization of Spanning Tree in Structure of Distributed Computer System
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A protocol is proposed for providing recovery of a system of cooperating processes having structure of a rooted tree spanning the graph of the distributed computer system (CS) in which the distance from every tree node to the root node is minimum. The protocol provides

Application of a genetic algorithm to the keyboard layout problem.
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The number of people who use computers for business and personal purposes increases as technology grows. The application of ergonomic practices on computer workstations reduces the musculoskeletal discomfort experienced and increases the overall satisfaction

Impala: Algorithm /Architecture Co-Design for In-Memory Multi-Stride Pattern Matching
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High-throughput and concurrent processing of thousands of patterns on each byte of an input stream is critical for many applications with real-time processing needs, such as network intrusion detection, spam filters, virus scanners, and many more. The demand for

A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Soft-Clustered Vehicle-Routing Problem
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The soft-clustered vehicle-routing problem is a variant of the classical capacitated vehicle- routing problem (CVRP) in which customers are partitioned into clusters and all customers of the same cluster must be served by the same vehicle. We introduce a novel symmetric

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Classification is a crucial step in data mining as it facilitates decision-making in many areas of human activity, such as scientific endeavors, marketing campaigns, biomedical research and industrial applications. The probabilistic neural network (PNN) is widely utilized to solve

A computationally efficient Branch-and-Bound algorithm for the permutation flow-shop scheduling problem
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In this work we propose an efficient branch-and-bound (BB) algorithm for the permutation flowshop problem (PFSP) with makespan objective. We present a new node decomposition scheme that combines dynamic branching and lower bound refinement strategies in a

PIC: a data reduction algorithm for integral field spectrographs
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Context. The improvement of large size detectors permitted the development of integral field spectrographs (IFSs) in astronomy. Spectral information for each spatial element of a two- dimensional field of view is obtained thanks to integral field units (IFUs) that spread the The development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles is an international consensus and the Chinas strategic emerging industry, as well as a key development direction for Made in China 2025 . According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile

A clustering routing algorithm based on wolf pack algorithm for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
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In order to maximize the network performance of heterogeneous sensor networks and effectively control the network cost, a clustering routing algorithm based on wolf pack algorithm (CLWPA) for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks is proposed. Firstly, the optimal deployment Many-objective optimization problems (MaOPs) pose a big challenge to the traditional Pareto-based multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs). As the number of objectives increases, the number of mutually nondominated solutions explodes and MOEAs become

In suspected AMI, an extended algorithm increased sensitivity and decreased specificity for predicting 30-day MACE
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Question: In adults with suspected acute myocardial infarction (AMI), how well does an extended algorithm , adding electrocardiographic (ECG) and clinical assessment to the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) high- sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) 0/1-hour algorithm , predict major

A New Machine Learning-Based Tornado Detection Algorithm for the WSR-88D Network
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Using single-radar products from the WSR-88D network, the New Tornado Detection Algorithm (NTDA) utilizes a random forest machine learning technique for automatically identifying potential tornadoes to improve the performance of the current operational

An Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks based on Centrality Measures
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A routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks with a random distribution in a target observation area is proposed. In practice, selecting a path to route data from a source node to a destination node in a sensor network is very useful. An investigation is carried out on the

A Robust Digital Image watermarking algorithm based on IWT-SVD
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In order to solve the problem of high false positive rate of traditional SVD domain digital watermarking algorithm , a digital watermarking algorithm based on IWT and SVD is proposed. The algorithm firstly decomposes the carrier image into 1 IWT to obtain 4

A Novel Physical Machine Overload Detection Algorithm Combined with Queiscing for Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers
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Further growth of computing performance has been started to be limited due to increasing energy consumption of cloud data centers. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the resource management. Dynamic virtual machines consolidation is a successful approach to

Automating the Detection of Dynamically Triggered Earthquakes via a Deep Metric Learning Algorithm
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Detecting subtle signals from small earthquakes triggered by transient stresses from the surface waves of large magnitude earthquakes can contribute to a more general understanding of how earthquakes nucleate and interact with each other. However

A Novel Amended Dynamic Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm for Timeshared Systems
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Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the most significant resource and its scheduling is one of the main functions of an operating system. In timeshared systems, Round Robin (RR) is most widely used scheduling algorithm . The efficiency of RR algorithm is influenced by the

Hybrid Time Theory: Eulers Formula and the Phi- Algorithm
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In this series of papers on the golden ratio algorithm (phi- algorithm ) for time [1-14], the concept of time as the phi- algorithm has been the core focus of topic. Through the development of the papers, the idea of the phialgorithm for time seeking to define pi has