A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated. Computer databases typically contain aggregations of data records or files, containing information about sales transactions or interactions with specific customers.

snoDB: An Interconnected Online Database of Human snoRNA
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RNA is more than just a transitory molecule between DNA and proteins. Beyond the scope of protein-coding RNAs lies a vast underexplored landscape of non-coding RNAs (ncRNA). These RNAs have been slowly uncovered since the 1960s but it took until the turn of the

A Session-based Approach to Autonomous Database Tuning
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By using autonomous tuning tools to optimize database systems, a lot of timeconsuming, manual work can be automated. However, self-tuning database systems are trying to optimize global metrics of efficiency, they set back rare, but critical functions of

RDF-BF-Hypergraph Representation for Relational Database
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The semantic web is designed to provide machine accessible meaning for its constructs. Semantic web depends on Resource Description Framework (RDF), which is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. The RDF can be represented as graph which is

Online geocode in postal address using gps with synchronous database accessing
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Postal addressing information is a crucial issue in any organization for business targets, especially in developed countries. Thus, required to convert postal address data to an absolute value like latitude and longitude coordinates by a procedure called geocoding. In

Database Design
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In a transaction based economy, information is everywhere. Marketing and sales information about clients, prospective clients, competitors, your products, their products, relationships, financing-its all available, and could be used to build your business. Its difficult to compete

H-BIM and web- database to deal with the loss of information due to catastrophic events
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Nowadays, we are able to produce geometric models of historical buildings at different scales of detail, using photos and measurements. This is true when you are observing something that is still under your eyes. We are faced more and more with lack of

Analyzing 23000+ epitopes covering 82 autoimmune diseases in the Immune Epitope Database , 57% have only one and 78% have up to two amino acid
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Abstract The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) sponsors the Immune Epitope Data Base (IEDB). IEDB contains epitopes identified from the medical literature and organized by diseases and categories of diseases. All epitopes (23000+)

Database producer protection: between rights and liabilities
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Data is the oxygen in the information ecosystem and the currency in the information economy. In our increasingly data-centred society, databases serve multiple purposes. They are treasurable repositories of information and a valuable source of knowledge, along with

Database Cashing in-memory with Redis NoSQL Databases
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Todays data is distributed by nature, the popularity of NoSQL databases using Redis has increased due to the need of processing vast amount of data faster than the relational database management systems (RDMS) by taking the advantage of highly scalable

The object-specific flood damage database HOWAS21
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The Flood Damage Database HOWAS21 contains object-specific flood damage data resulting from fluvial, pluvial and groundwater flooding in Germany. The datasets incorporate various pieces of information about flood impacts, exposure, vulnerability, and

A Document-oriented, Heterogeneous Database Model for Large Experimental Data Sets
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A document-oriented, heterogeneous database model for large experimental data sets The collaborative research cen- ter SFB1232 (farbige Zustände) aims to research modern structural materials. Its approach is fundamentally different from common research flows in material Bounded treewidth is one of the most cited combinatorial invariants, which was applied in the literature for solving several counting problems efficiently. A canonical counting problem is# Sat, which asks to count the satisfying assignments of a Boolean formula. Recent work

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As the world is frantically moving towards digitization, handling huge volumes of data is becoming complex and difficult to optimize. This is mainly because of increasing dimensions of data, its unstructuredness and increased need for storage space. To increase the

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For median-component spectra, additional routines fit pulse functions that provide frequency, amplitude, and pulse width parameters. These routines interact with the database via cloud computing, but are not directly part of the database . Abstract SUPPLEMENTING SHEAR WAVE

Mann-In-Colours. The First Italian Database on Polychromy of Ancient Sculptures
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The application of scientific surveys on classical statuary has developed rapidly in recent years thanks to the growing interest of archaeologists and scholars in the rediscovery of polychromy in ancient works. The project proposed here concerns the creation of the first

Book Acquisition and Distribution Database Application to Boost Education in Sub-Saharan African Countries
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Books, CD/DVD, magazines or journals are main support materials used by students to learn or consult topics. The acquisition costs of some required materials for education be very expensive (above USD 100) and students or their parents not afford acquiring

March 1st- The Chronic Intestinal Failure Action Day A Yearly Survey through the ESPEN Database for CIF
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Background ESPEN has recently devised the recommendation on definition and classification of intestinal failure in adults (1). The document consisted on definition of IF, a functional and a pathophysiological classification for both acute and chronic IF and a clinical

A Bibliometric Approach to the Publications in the Field of International Business in the Scopus Database
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This article carries out a bibliometric characterization of research in the field of international business, manifested in the academic literature that is indexed in the Scopus database , as is the case of scientific articles and other means of publication. On a methodological level, a