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In network security, endpoint security refers to a methodology of protecting the corporate network when accessed via remote devices such as laptops or other wireless and mobile devices. Each device with a remote connecting to the network creates a potential entry point for security threats.

IIC endpoint security best practices
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This document recommends best practices for endpoint1 security in industrial applications under the broader scope of industrial internet security . By providing a concise description of the countermeasures needed to achieve a desired level of security for an endpoint whilst

Endpoint Security and Virtualization
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Besides form factor, virtual systems are not really that different than physical systems. They both use the same operating systems and applications. They both present users with computing resources such as RAM and hard drives. Consequently, the ability to exploit

The Four Pillars of Endpoint Security
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The Four Pillars of Endpoint Security is a model for making IT security a strategic business asset. Why is this important Because the most competitive companies want their employees to be productive on their own terms: whenever, wherever, and from whatever

Fast and Effective Endpoint Security for Business 2012
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Endpoint protection is no longer an optional security measure for businesses. In this technology driven age, every business is now susceptible to the damages caused by malware (ranging from productivity loss to confidential and financial data theft), and

Endpoint Security : An Overview and a Look into the Future
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Endpoint security , the securing of endpoint devices on a large network, is an important piece of company and organizational security . In this paper, Id like to introduce endpoint security , describe the methods most commonly used, and discuss the future of the field. Additionally, I

The protection technologies of Kaspersky Endpoint Security
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In the past, the endpoint concept only extended to workstations and servers; today it has expanded to include mobile devices as well as virtual environments. IT infrastructures have become more complex and taken on much more important roles in maintaining the

Data and Endpoint Security in Mobile Computing
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Nowadays laptops, tablets and smartphones have capabilities and abilities once have only been dreamed. Mobile platforms and mobile computing became an inseparable part of daily and professional life. Their widespread use is motivated by the flexibility and productivity

Versatile endpoint storage security with trusted integrity modules
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The immersion of personal devices throughout our daily life is changing the nature of computer security : It is getting personal. Many people are now concerned about the loss of privacy, the financial consequences or even the personal risks that could result from device

Good fences, good neighbors: best practices for endpoint security
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Manifest Destiny pushed our forbearers west. Out there, so the promise went, was a world of possibilities and vast swathes of verdant virgin lands rife with opportunity and potential. All anyone needed to do was to have the fortitude to go out and take it. So many did, and soon

Information security awareness: managing web, mobile and endpoint security ; overcoming the challenges of bring your own device
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Companies and their employees rely on information technology (IT) and internet-enabled technology to conduct their business and communications. This offers many advantages, but also introduces risks related to information security . The present study sought to address the

Symantec endpoint protection: a Unified, proactive approach to enterpriSe SecUrity
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Enterprises must constantly guard against stealthy, targeted, financially motivated attacks that can exploit vulnerabilities in endpoint devices to allow data theft and other damage. Through a seamless, multilayered approach, Symantec Endpoint Protection helps provide

ENSec: A Theoretical Framework for Endpoint Network Security
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Executing network attacks within a LAN has become quite simple regarding to the large number of available tools that can be both downloaded and used easily. Ones of their main goals are to gain an unauthorized access to some devices, to stop some or all of their