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An intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) or intelligent personal assistant (IPA) is a software agent that can perform tasks or services for an individual based on commands or questions. Sometimes the term “chatbot” is used to refer to virtual assistants generally or specifically accessed by online chat. In some cases, online chat programs are exclusively for entertainment purposes. Some virtual assistants are able to interpret human speech and respond via synthesized voices. Users can ask their assistants questions, control home automation devices and media playback via voice, and manage other basic tasks such as email, to-do lists, and calendars with verbalcommands

MailCat: An Intelligent Assistant for Organizing E-Mail.
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MailCat is an intelligent assistant that heips users organize their e-mail into folders. It uses a text classifier to learn each users mail-filing habits. MailCat uses what it learns to predict the three folders in which the user is most likely to place each incoming message. It then

An intelligent assistant for patient health care
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Abstract The Patient Advocate is designed to be an intelligent assistant for patient-centered health care. Residing on a home computer or special-purpose device and operating within an extended health-care information network, the Patient Advocate will extend medical

Swiftfile: An intelligent assistant for organizing e-mail
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While most e-mail clients allow users to file messages into folders, the process they must go through to file each message is often tedious and slow. For each message, the user must first decide which folder is most appropriate. Then, the user must inform the e-mall reader of

Intelligent assistant systems: Support for integrated human-machine systems
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The increasing automation of engineered systems has been accompanied by increased complexity of the interactions between human users and the machines. The well-known dangers of human error in complex systems such as power plants, aircraft, and space

NOEMON: An intelligent assistant for classifier selection
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The selection of an appropriate classification model and algorithm is crucial for effective knowledge discovery on a dataset. For large databases, as they are common in data mining, such a selection is necessary, because the cost of invoking all alternative classifiers is

An intelligent assistant for computer-aided design
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This paper describes an approach in improving the usability of computer-aided design (CAD) applications by adding an intelligent agent that assists the user in his/her interaction with the system. To implement the agent, we use ConGolog [GLL9 LLR99] a very high

FRM: An Intelligent Assistant for Financial Resource Management.
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FRM is an experimental, knowledge-based system that assists in the judgmental aspects of budget planning and financial resource management Problem solving in this domain requires many kinds of knowledge from many sources. We represent domain knowledge

An Intelligent Assistant for architectural design studio
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Statement of objects Conscious design: explication of constraints and their consequences. Collaborative design: interaction among KBs of operators involved in architectural design. It seems by now fairly accepted by many researchers in the field of the Computer Aided

Surgery task model for intelligent interaction between surgeon and laparoscopic assistant robot
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of the surgery. Therefore, in order for the robot to become an intelligent assistant rather than a motorized surgical tool, it should have preliminary surgical knowledge similar to a well-trained human assistant. Figure 1 illustrates

Explanation generation trough probabilistic models for an intelligent assistant
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Under emergency conditions in a complex process, such as a power plant, an operator has to assimilate a great amount of information to promptly analyze the source of the problem, in order to take the corrective actions. To assist the operator to face these situations, we have

BANK CHAT BOT An Intelligent Assistant System Using NLP and Machine Learning
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Chat bots are intelligent systems that understand users natural language queries and respond accordingly in a conversation, which is the focus of this study. It is more like a virtual assistant, people feel like they are talking with real person. They speak the same language

An Intelligent Assistant to Support Students and to Prevent them from Dropout.
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The research and development of an educational agent are commonly focused on the pedagogical aspect; the main objective is to automate the teaching activity, to replace the teacher in virtual learning environment. Our goal is different: it is to create a non pedagogical

Intelligent diabetes assistant: A telemedicine system for modeling and managing blood glucose
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[10 10 10 10 10 10 45]. However, many diabetics have a difficult time managing the disease on their own; a intelligent assistant could help such individuals. IDA is a system that links data from patients to care providers while processing patient behaviors

Intelligent Assistant for Elderly.
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A rapidly ageing population in the developed world brings a necessity and opportunity for the AI-based ICT solutions. We present a system, developed within the scope of an EU H2020 project IN LIFE, which aims to prolong the age at which individual can still live at

Expert System as an Intelligent Assistant for Computer Users.
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This paper is concerned with a new implementation of a production system by using a relational DBMS and FORTRAN and itsapplication to construction of an intelligent man- machine interface of a speech database called SPEECH-DB. Our Production system can be

An Intelligent Personal Robot Assistant
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1. INTRODUCTION A robot is generally treated as a tool, rather than a partner. It is treated as a device which performs task on command, and not an intelligent assistant which can cooperate with human as a partner. Natural

Design considerations for a CBR-based intelligent data mining assistant
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Ontologies, DEXA-PMKD Workshop. Poland A. Kalousis and M. Theoharis, NOEMON: Design, Implementation and Performance Results of an Intelligent Assistant

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Thus, the intelligent assistant infers the particular curriculum not only taking into account total number of ECTS and necessary courses diversity but also skills provided by the courses and current demand for such skill on the recruitment market. 1 INTRODUCTION

TaskPort: A Task Management Interface in an Intelligent Cognitive Assistant System
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CMRadar project, for instance, is an intelligent assistant software that specifically tackles the problem of calendar scheduling where traditional tools such as Outlook and MeetingMaker are passive tools that require significant user attention

The Design and Implementation of an Artifically Intelligent Personal Assistant Using Multiple Ontologies and Neural Ttoken Lists
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of Closed Domains can be shared among humans and computer ontologies in order to significantly increase the knowledge content of the AIPA. Keywords- Intelligent Assistant 、QA system、Semantic Network、Ontology、Machine Learning. I. INTRODUCTION